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Forest therapy program description

Forest Diving -Erdőmerülés, as we call it in Hungarian- is a preventive health care program, based on the Japanese art of forestbathing, shinrin yoku. It offers an aimless, slow walk through the woods, slowing down, bathing in the forest atmosphere and taking in nature with all the five senses. This conscious stroll is combined with relaxation, energizing and well-being invitations and techniques that affect all the five senses. As a result the body and mind become quiet and calm.


The Japanese Secret

Japan is the technologically most advanced country in the world, yet they have a huge respect for nature, they maintain their ancient, personal relationship to the woods.


This is why we created the adaptation of their art of forest bathing. Perhaps the only chance for the world today to survive is to be really close to nature. With our program we can help participants rebuild their connections to these roots unobtrusively.


More than just a walk

During these light strolls through the magnificent forest environment we help to release stress with special exercises, advices, games, interesting stimuli and by focusing our attention. We get in touch with the forest with all our five senses. Participants walk in groups but they primarily do individual work, according to their own thoughts, feelings, their own needs and pace. The method can be taken home, practiced in smaller or larger forests, parks or in everyday natural environment.


How does the natural sedative work?

Stress is part of our daily lives, it is our normal reaction to unexpected, difficult or dangerous situations. However, if we experience too much of this natural reaction, it is exhausting our resources, which can have a detrimental effect on our body, weakening our immune system. There are many ways to relieve stress and fortunately many people know what they need to help them cope with it. Forest Diving can be one of these soothing methods. It is getting known and has been clinically proven that spending mindful time in the woods is beneficial for our body and soul. This practice has the power to counter illnesses including cancer, strokes, gastric ulcers, depression, anxiety and stress. It boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure and aids sleep. These positive effects last longer than the forest bathing itself, so doing this practice regularly can have a very beneficial impact on health.


The Hungarian adaptation

With a group of competent and committed experts we created the Hungarian adaptation of forest bathing.

Team members:

Kriszta Vásárhelyi - clinical psychologist

Tímea Merényi - marketing expert, event specialist 

and our wonderful programme leaders specific experts (yoga, mediation, land art, music, breathing, etc.)



Forest Diving offers a wide variety of relaxing and energizing practices combined with a slow, calm, mindful walk through beautiful forests in Hungary. We help to maintain the state of relaxation by putting down phones and let other disturbing objects or thoughts go, and focus on the present moments and stimuli. Our aim is to let more people know about this wonderful method, help them cope with everyday stress and create their own habits of forest bathing.


We recommend our programs to individuals, couples, families, children groups, companies and basically everyone who wants to get a deeper connection to nature. Apart from the basic walks, thematic programs are available, focusing on nature studies, yoga, psychological topics or land art. 



The basis of Forest Diving is located in Királyrét, between the beautiful hills and woods of Börzsöny Mountains. Our centre, Hiúz House, which is part of the Duna-Ipoly National Park, can be approached by the Királyrét Forest Railways through the forest. This place is very easy to approach from Budapest, at the same time it is a beautiful nature reserve with all the possible tranquility of the woods. 


The participation fee - in case of a program consisting of 1 module - is 25 Eur per person. In case of complex programs or corporate programs we work with individual quotes.


For more information contact:

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